Generating insights and triggering actions that support key business goals.

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Activate your existing data

I help you connect, analyze, and understand the data you already have. My approach is geared towards getting results quickly without spending time and money on new infrastructure or platforms. Let me help you get the most out of your data and become more data driven. Contact me directly or via Nordlid to learn more.

Machine Learning

ML is one of the most important new developments in data analysis - and also often overhyped. While the math is complicated, the goals of ML should never be. I introduce you to the possibilites, help you explore the specific benefits for your organization, and develop your first algorithms.

Statistics & Visualization

I take a hands-on approach, leveraging statistics to develop competitive advantage from your data and analytic assets and improve decision-making by generating insights that yield better, faster decisions. Often the first step in using data is to ensure that you can properly see the data.

Business Process Design

Decisions on business process models are often taken by people who are too far removed from the business (i.e., IT department). I bridge the gap between the business side and the data side and can help you develop more successful implementations.

Advice & Inspiration

If you are not sure where to get started or if you are just looking for some inspiration I am available for introductory meetings, workshops, and/or presentations. I am always happy to discuss the opportunities for your specific organization.

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